Pre-weighed scale 1000g

For weighing the contents of Carebag devices up to 1kg

Ref : 961 02 18, unit box

  • Allows to measure small volumes more accurately than the 3kg scale
  • More hygienic than a conventional scale
  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • Can be hung up

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The reusable scale is used to measure the diuresis and the amount of excreta from patients. Precalibrated according to the weight of the bag and buffer, it measures only waste. The measurement is accurate to +/- 10 g. A cursor indicates the measurement. The scale is equipped with a ring on the top allowing it to be hung if necessary. The hook at the bottom of the scale makes it possible to hang the bag or container to measure the weight.

The scale is graduated from 0 to 1,000 g.

Use to measure the diuresis and excreta of your patients weighing up to 1kg.

Instructions for use

  1. Take the pre-calibrated scale and check that the cursor is at 0. If the cursor is not at 0, proceed with recalibration. To do this: 1- Place an unused CareBag Pouch Protector (with pad) on the weighing hook using the ties. 2- Unscrew the nut at the top and turn the suspension hook clockwise or anti-clockwise until the flat part of the cursor is perfectly aligned with the 0 mark on the scale. 3- Screw the nut back on.
  2. Take the CAREBAG® (used) properly sealed.
  3. Hang the CAREBAG® properly sealed by the ties of the bag on the lower hook.
  4. Wait for the red cursor to stabilise.
  5. Read the measurement indicated by the flat disc of the red cursor, which corresponds to a volume of urine in ml. No conversion or calculation is necessary.
  6. Dispose of the properly sealed, soiled CAREBAG® at the designated location. Follow your institution's instructions.

Precautions for use

The scale is reusable, guaranteed for 1000 uses.


To clean the scale between patients, use facility-approved disinfectant wipes. Bleach/alcohol based disinfectants will not damage the scale/reading.

Reference : 961 02 18
Packaging  : 1 unit box
Secondary packaging : 1 box of 10 units box