Absorbs contaminants from the floor 


Ref: 952 02 41, box of 100 mats

  • Absorbs liquids to prevent spreading and contamination in the environment
  • Facilitates floor cleaning between interventions to improve turnover rate
  • Prevents slips and falls due to liquids on the floor, contributing to a safer working environment

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The hygienic single-use Ultra Super-Absorbent Mat quickly and effectively absorbs blood, cleaning solutions (rinsing liquid), urine and other liquids present in the operating theatre.

It is possible to place it in front of the feet of the medical team.

It is frequently used during procedures that produce lavage fluid, such as : 

  • arthroscopy
  • endoscopy
  • urology

Dimensions: 72 x 37 cm
Absorption: Up to 9 L of water or 3.5 L of 0.9% saline solution

Instructions for use

  1. Open the pack and take out one mat.
  2. Place the superabsorbent mat where needed.
  3. Wait for the liquids to be absorbed
  4. Dispose of appropriately

Precautions for use

Single-use product. Keep away from sunlight. Keep dry. Do not stand on the mat. Do not cut the mat. Keep out of reach of children.

Product reference : 952 02 41
Packaging : Box of 4 sleeves of 25 mats (i.e. 100 mats)

Does GelMax Ultra Mat absorb washing solutions ?
Yes. GelMax Ultra Mat absorbs all types of water-based biological liquids.