douchette toilette

Excreta are sources of infection associated with patient hospitalisation, which today still represent a growing concern.

Even today, excreta in institutions is often managed through 2 methods :

  • The room shower
  • Bedpan washer

For several reasons, these two methods are not optimal :

  • Since the water spray from the shower on the bedpan is a very significant source of the aerosolisation of contaminants, this method is now prohibited. Nevertheless, the draining of excreta into the patient’s toilet is still practised, despite the splashes and micro-droplets, in order to avoid carrying the full bedpan to the local slop sink.
  • The transport of a full bedpan to the local slop sink represents a real threat to the environment for both patients and caregivers, in the event of a fall or contamination by aerosolisation.

Unfortunately, these methods may contaminate the environment of patients, including the most frail.