Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the INNOTHERA Group involves a commitment in line with the culture and values of the Group.This commitment is reflected by the signing of company agreements and by the implementation of concrete actions, indicative of the CSR vision, a real factor of progress and efficiency for the Group.


Respect the environment

CLEANIS is committed to offering innovative solutions that are compatible with respect for the environment. For this reason, the choice of raw materials used by CLEANIS is guided by their impact on the environment:

  • Excreta collection devices are made of polyethylene, the cleanest plastic for incineration (CO2 and water emissions only)
  • All our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, which are compliant with the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

  • The cellulose used in our pads is derived from wood pulp, a less energy-consuming alternative to cellulose from cotton production.
  • The inks used when printing the cases do not contain heavy metals or solvents and comply with Directive 94/62/EC,

We are working to integrate recycled polyethylene into our products in order to significantly reduce the carbon footprint inherent in the manufacture of the raw material. In fact, this recycled material, derived from a renewable resource, will be a significant innovation for our products.


A committed group

The INNOCOEUR approach was initiated in 2020, led by the company’s General Management and a network of thirty volunteer ambassadors spread across all of our French sites. The objective is to stimulate and develop the company’s societal commitment around its purpose and values to encourage the employees’ sense of belonging and pride. To structure the approach, 5 sustainable development goals were collectively chosen to develop actions and contribute to its goals.



Since 2020, many solidarity actions have been organised in the Group: 

  • Participation in charity races and payment of financial patronage to the League against Cancer (Ligue contre le Cancer)
  • On-site collections: donations of food, clothing, toys during Christmas
  • Partnership with Emmaüs established on 3 of our sites in France

Impact on our environment

The Innothera Group has always been committed to controlling its production system in order to prevent environmental impacts. At the various production plants as well as at headquarters, many actions have been implemented:

  • Energy: equipping the warehouse roof with a white coating on the Chouzy production site. This action has drastically reduced the thermal inertia of the building, resulting in a 3°C drop and a reduction in energy consumption. 
    Specific action plans have been initiated since autumn 2022, in order to meet our target of reducing energy consumption by -10%. Our energy advisers managed to put in place all sorts of procedures, including setting the temperature to 19°C as well as installing meters, which enabled us to better measure and observe the total gains in electricity and gas consumption in January 2023 for all of our French sites was 20.2%.

  • Wasted water: To sustainably limit our impact on the city’s waste water treatment plant where our drug production site is located, we decided in 2016 to build our own industrial effluent treatment plant using a fully biological treatment process, without the addition of chemicals. For our Vosges site, we have signed a waste agreement: adaptation of the discharge temperature, decrease in levels of harmful elements (sulphur, heavy metals, etc.), reduction of olfactory nuisances by curative treatment.
  • Air handling: A technical solution involving variable speed drives for airflow was installed for the purpose of energy efficiency.
  • Replacement of existing lighting with motion sensor LED lighting
  • Recovery of cardboard, wood and metals by using a salvage yard. All of our waste is sorted.

Innothera has started its carbon footprint analysis in order to measure its impact on greenhouse gas emissions and to implement action plans to reduce its impact.