Time saving for the caregiver Comfort for the patient

Aqua gloves are a real help for patients at high risk of infection, who are weak or bedridden, and also for caregivers during body cleansing. Specially designed for fragile skin, Aqua gloves can be heated in the microwave for added comfort. Aqua gloves offer several advantages over traditional grooming:

  • Faster and more practical: AQUA simplifies the daily work of caregivers.
  • More comfortable: AQUA makes it easy for an aquaphobic person to wash.
  • More responsible: AQUA avoids consumption of drinking water for toileting.

Dermatologically tested

Soaked in a no-rinse cleansing solution, our gloves are dermatologically tested to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin. Formulated mainly with active ingredients of natural origin (such as Aloe Vera, bisabolol, olive oil extract...), our gloves are judged excellent by the Yuka application with a score of 93/100.


A complete Range

The AQUA range of gloves offers complete bathing care from the youngest to the oldest patient.

Aqua Shampoo is intended for washing the hair and scalp.
Aqua Total Hygiene is intended for body and facial cleansing.
Aqua Sensitive, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, suited for the most fragile skin, including newborns.


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