24-hour urine collection kit

Medical device intented for the collection and safe disposal of diuresis


Ref : 982 95 59, 1 kit for 200 diureses

  • 24-hour urine collection and measurement
  • Easier elimination thanks to gelation
  • Graduation every 200mL, up to 2200ml

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The CareBag® 24-hour urine collection kit is intended for the safe collection, monitoring and disposal of urine. Presented in kit form, it offers complete, practical and hygienic management of diuresis. Composed of graduated sealable bottles up to 2,200 mL and transparent bags, it provides safe collection and management of urine until gelling through its super-absorbent powder sachets.

The use of disposable bags prevents the bottle from becoming soiled, which allows for its hygienic reuse.

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Precautions for use


Check the expiry date before use. Do not use if product failure prevents use. Do not urinate directly into the jar. Wearing gloves is recommended. Do not use beyond the maximum graduation and change bag if volume is greater. Powder sachet with water-soluble film: do not open and do not handle with wet hands. If powder from the sachets comes into contact with the eye or mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly with water. If discomfort persists, contact your doctor. If powder from the sachets is swallowed, contact a doctor immediately and show him/her the packaging. Dispose of the bag with the jellied urine in accordance with the excreta management protocol in force in your establishment. It is advisable to disinfect the jar with a wipe between uses. Do not wash in a bedpan washer. After 20 uses, dispose of the jar with the recyclable plastics.

Any serious incident involving the medical device should be reported to Cleanis and to the competent authority in the country concerned.

Product reference : 982 95 59
Packaging : 1 kit = 1 box containing 10 buckets + 10 rolls of 20 bags + 400 water soluble pouches + 200 labels

Is the jar reusable?
Yes, it is reusable. We recommend reusing it up to 20 times, and disinfecting it with a wipe between uses.