Emesis Bag with Super-Absorbent Pouch 500ml

Single-use device, gels biological fluids and helps prevent hospital-acquired infections


Ref : 771 31 90, box of 20 devices

  • Ensures safe collection of vomit
  •  Absorbs and gels excreta (500mL)
  • Easy to hold thanks to its integrated collar
  • Easy to close and reduces odours

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The Vomit Bag with a collar allows easy use for frail patients. The plastic collar makes it possible to stiffen the Vomit Bag and thus improve the patient’s grip.

Upon contact with fluids and materials, the super-absorbent, water-soluble powder sachet attached to the bottom of the bag acts from the first contact with vomit to gel the contents, and thus limit the risk of splashes and spills once it is sealed while trapping odours.

The CareBag Vomit Bag is used in many departments where patients are bedridden, frail or prone to sudden episodes of nausea:

  • Intensive care unit,
  • Operating theatre,
  • Post-operative care,
  • Intensive care,
  • Digestive surgery,
  • Emergency,
  • Outpatient waiting room,
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics,
  • Delivery room,
  • Rehabilitation.


Warning / Precautions for use


For single use, reuse may result in insufficient or no absorption, leading to potential contamination and discomfort for the patient. Do not use if packaging is damaged. Keep away from sunlight. Keep dry. In case the pad comes in contact with the eye(s) or mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of water. In case of persistent discomfort, contact your doctor. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor immediately and show him the packaging. Keep away from children. Do not use on damaged skin. Dispose of in household waste or in accordance with institutional excreta management protocol.

Any serious incident involving the medical device must be reported to Cleanis and to the competent authority in the country concerned.

Product reference : 773 31 90
Packaging : Bag of 20 devices
Secondary packaging : 2 boxes of 12 bags of 20 devices (total of 480 bags)

Are there instructions for using the Vomit Bag?
Yes, Cleanis includes instructions for use in each bag and also offers a training service: in the latter case, please contact us.

Can the Vomitory Bag replace traditional systems (basin, beans)?
Yes, the CareBag Vomit Bag has been designed to replace traditional supports in order to improve hygiene during infectious vomiting.

Can the CareBag be used to measure the volume of patient vomit?
Yes, an indicative scale is printed on the bag to measure the volume of vomit it contains. The bag is for single use only. We recommend that you use a new bag each time you use it.