OPE 150

Absorbent transfer and intervention sheet

Medical Device

Ref: 952 22 14, Carton with 2 bags of 10 mats (i.e. 20 mats)

  • Allows patient transfer with a resistance of 150 kg
  • Absorbs and retains liquids to prevent the spread and contamination of the environment
  • Facilitates cleaning of excreted fluids during patient transfer, saving time for staff

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The OPE 150 absorbent sheet is a single-use transfer and intervention sheet that can support a weight of 150kg. It also has the ability to absorb and retain water-based liquids (blood, urine, etc.) hygienically and without spillage.
This represents an advantage from the point of view of hygiene during interventions, but also saves time when cleaning.

GelMax® OPE 150 absorbent transfer and intervention sheet can be used :

  • in the operating room
  • for procedures requiring patient lifting
  • in institutions with bedridden patients

Dimensions :

  • Sheet: 210 x 80 cm
  • Absorbent part: 200 x 60 cm

Absorption: approx. 1.8 L of 0.9% saline solution (equivalent to body fluids)

Instructions for use


  1. Open the bag and remove a sheet.
  2. Place the absorbent sheet over the desired area.
  3. To move the patient, take the sheet by its extra width for a secure grip.
  4. Sheet absorbs liquids.
  5. Dispose of in appropriate place.
  6. Precautions for use


Disposable, single-use product. Non-sterile. Do not cut. Do not stand on (risk of slipping). Do not exceed maximum load capacity (150kg). Store in closed packaging away from moisture before use. To prevent the sheet from tearing during transport, avoid contact with sharp objects and avoid applying tension to the sheet with fingernails, as this could cause the material to break. 




Do not use this product during electrical cauterization or high-frequency surgery: high voltages can cause electrical burns during use. The product may absorb liquid during use and become conductive.

Product reference : 952 22 14
Packaging : Carton with 2 bags of 10 mats (i.e. 20 mats)

Up to what weight can the OPE 150 sheet carry a patient ?
The OPE 150 absorbent and transfer sheet can transport a patient weighing up to 150 kg.


Is the OPE 150 sterile?
No. The sheet is not sterile.