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Products of the CareBag range contribute to the prevention of nosocomial infections. These are devices equipped with super-absorbent pads that permit the collection and confinement of excreta in order to preserve the patient environment against pathogenic bacteria involved in episodes of infection, but also to confine excreta containing cytotoxic products derived from chemotherapies. CareBag products are then disposed of according to the current protocols for your institution, infectious medical waste or non-infectious medical waste.




Infections nosocomiales

Nosocomial infections in a few figures

According to a study by the Institute for Health Monitoring (l’Institut national de veille sanitaire (InVS)) from 2012, one in 20 hospitalised patients (5%) contract an infection in the institution where they are being treated. A figure that has been fairly stable since 2006. This represents approximately 750,000 infections per year, which would be the direct cause of 4,000 deaths in France.


Approuved by caregivers

The use of CareBag provides a real benefit to both the patient and the caregiver. Its use in the services ensures faster and more efficient patient care, but also more hygienic (83% reduction in the occurrence of a nosocomial disease5).

5 Vitale, E. (2011, May). “Safer Panhandling to Reduce the Rate of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci - Giving staff the right tools to safely and efficiently do their job”. Study presented during the conference CHICA - Canada National Education, Toronto, ON. 



Reduction of costs

In addition to the hygienic benefits, the use of CareBag allows institutions to reduce the costs associated with excreta management. The use of disposable devices reduces the cost by approximately 43% compared to the use of a bedpan washer, as well as a 30% reduction in the incidence of C. difficile and associated costs6.

6. E.Yanley, C.Filipone, L.Pascarella, D.Peluso, D.Dutchak, M.Marek, V.DeChirico, A.Arrunategui, « Clostridium difficileReduction Challenges in a Multi-System Hospital System », Barnabas Health (2016).


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