Safe handling of contaminants

The products of the GelMax super-absorbent range are intended to absorb fluids by gelling them through their sodium polyacrylate composition, capable of absorbing 200 to 300 times its mass in water. Gelling makes it possible to limit potentially hazardous  handling, which could contaminate the environment. In addition, these products are economical as they can reduce the disposal costs of liquid waste.


Simplified Disposal

In contact with the liquid, the water-soluble film of the sachet dissolves, releasing the powder which rapidly gels any water-based fluid. Removal by gelling saves time and makes cleaning easier while reducing the risk of contamination.


Fall Prevention

The presence of liquid on the floor increases the risk of slipping and therefore the risk of an accident for healthcare personnel. Our mats absorb liquids quickly and providing a safer working environment, especially in the operating theatre.

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