Non-slip, absorbs contaminants from the floor 


Ref : 952 22 02, box of 30 mats


  • Absorbs liquids to prevent spreading and contamination in the environment
  • Facilitates floor cleaning between interventions to improve turnover rate
  • Prevents slips and falls due to liquids on the floor, contributing to a safer working environment

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Product Features
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The GelMax® DUO Mat is the combination of the GelMax® LARGE Mat and GelMax® ULTRA Mat for a double action.
In fact, it contains an anti-slip portion as well as a high-performance super-absorbent portion that absorbs liquids.

GelMax® DUO mats can be used for operations that generate washing liquids:

  • arthroscopy
  • endoscopy
  • urology

Dimensions: 100 x 110 cm
Absorption: Up to 15 L of tap water and 7 L of 0.9% saline solution


Instructions for use


  1. Open the pack and take out one mat.
  2. Place the absorbent mat where needed. To stand on the mat, place the green anti-slip side against the floor.
  3. Wait for the liquids to be absorbed.
  4. Dispose of appropriately


Precautions for use

Single-use product. Keep away from sunlight. Keep dry. Do not stand on the superabsorbent part of the mat. Do not remove the green anti-slip layer. Do not cut the mat. Keep out of reach of children.

Product reference : 952 22 02
Packaging : Box of 6 sleeves of 5 mats  (i.e. 30 mats)

Is GelMax DUO Mat anti-slip ?
Yes. The green part of the GelMax DUO Mat is anti-slip, to be placed in contact with the floor.

Does GelMax DUO Mat absorb washing solutions ?
Yes. GelMax DUO Mat absorbs all types of water-based biological liquids.