Cleanis Group Innothera

Custom solutions

The CLEANIS team provides ongoing support in using its solutions

Training healthcare teams in the management of body fluids and use of our products is crucial for the prevention of contamination and HAIs.

Therefore, the team of CLEANIS sales representatives is committed to providing you with comprehensive training on the management of body fluids and proper use of the products. In response to the finding that currently 1 in every 25 patients contract a HAI, it seemed appropriate to develop a comprehensive training program to assist you in the proper management of body fluids. This “In-service training” is included in the CLEANIS offer.

CLEANIS aims to develop strong partnerships with its collaborators throughout the world.
For this reason, we offer complete support:

  • Training in environmental hygiene and the advantages of CLEANIS products
  • Support in developing a mutually beneficial sales strategy
  • Proposal of solutions adapted to the needs of distributors