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Cleanis A History of Innovation

Expert in the fight against HAIs since 2001

CLEANIS, established in 2001, has developed its CareBag® range indicated for the prevention of HAIs by containing pathogenic bacteria at the source.

CareBag®, a range of single-use devices for collecting body fluids with absorbent pads, is today the standard in this field, and CLEANIS aspires to make it the “gold standard” in managing body fluids in healthcare institutions.

The CareBag range was born with the Bedpan Liner, and was developed to limit contamination related to the use of traditional holders: Commode bucket, vomit bags, plastic male urinal,…

Presentation Carebag Products Liner

Today, CLEANIS has expanded its range with:

Presentation Aqua Gamma
Pre-moistened, single-use Aqua gloves for the waterless bed bathing of frail patients
Gelmax Cleanis Product
The GelMax range is available in powder bags, pads and mats, which allows for a variety of uses to absorb nearly all hospital fluids,
Presentation Halo FoggerAUVS and HaloFogger disinfect small objects used on a daily basis and limited spaces (i.e. hospital rooms)

Located also in the United States and Japan, CLEANIS distributes its products in many countries through a network of strong partnerships.

Logo InnotheraAs part of the INNOTHERA Group since 2016, CLEANIS benefits from the dynamic as well as medical, scientific and industrial expertise of the Group, specialised in the prevention and treatment of everyday pathologies.