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Nursing Home

Caring for patients is not only treating them

Healthcare institutions constitute a unique setting in which care corresponds to both the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Senior living facilities are subject to significant hygiene monitoring with the aim of protecting already weakened patients. On a daily basis, hygienists work in the field to promote and establish good hygiene practices. These measures aim to limit infections, the use of antibiotics and the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant hospital-acquired infections. Another important aspect of these healthcare institutions involves maintaining the autonomy of their residents.

nursing homeIn fact, this issue still poses a real challenge that institutions are increasingly willing to meet. An immobile or bedridden patient is not necessarily incontinent and must not be considered as such without thorough clinical investigations. With regard to the layers, in uridomes for men or even catheters, it is agreed only to use them as a last resort. In resigning the patient to continence, by pushing one into a certain dependence, these measures actually produce incontinence.

In the US, more than4 million people live in or are admitted
to “nursing homes”
In the UK,400 000people

Thus, CLEANIS aims to allow elderly persons to remain continent despite reduced mobility.
CareBag products are acclaimed for encouraging and maintaining autonomy.

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