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Home Care

The autonomy of patients and the elderly must remain the priority

There is talk of “home care” when the elderly person makes the choice to stay at home. When the housing is ready, it is often the more pleasant and most popular solution.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to secure the place of residence, and to organize care, home services and visits from relatives. Home care also encourages autonomy which is a key element in caring for elderly patients.


In fact, dependence occurs more frequently when the patient has become passive and has not been encouraged to retain one’s ability and control. CLEANIS products support the idea of maintaining autonomy and constitute a significant aid in the daily life of elderly patients:

The CareBag range is the alternative choice for immobile or bedridden continent patients. The AQUA range offers a simple and practical solution to patients for small or large toilets.

Preferred also by caregivers, CLEANIS products are appreciated for their quality and ease of use.

icon familyIn the US, between10 and 15 million people receive care at home from family members*
Nearly 90%of respondents to a European survey say that social and health institutions should help the elderly to remain in their homes as long as possible**
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  • ** WHO: