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Q: Are there parabens in the lotion that moistens AQUA gloves?

No. All Aqua gloves are soaked in a dermatologically-tested lotion without parabens or alcohol.

Q: Can the Aqua gloves be heated in the microwave?

Yes. The instructions to properly warm up the gloves are located on the rear side of the Aqua pack.

Q: Does the Bedpan Liner fit any type of bedpan?

Yes. The CareBag Bedpan Liner allows coverage of any type of standard bedpan and commode. On the other hand, it does not fit bariatric bedpans. In this case, we invite you to use CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner.

Q: Can the Male Urinal replace conventional systems (pistol handle)?

Yes. The CareBag Male Urinal has been designed to replace traditional holders in order to improve hygiene when bedridden patients void.

Q: Does the CareBag Male Urinal measure the urine output of patients?

Using the CareBag scale, you can evaluate the diuresis of patients.

Q: What is the disposal system for any gel liquid - GelMax pad?

The combination disposal system depends on the gel liquid and contamination present in it. Follow the protocol of your institution.

Q: Is the GelMax pouch compatible with bleach?

Yes. The GelMax water-soluble bag has been tested on the absorption of 2% bleach water, showing its effectiveness.

Q: Do GelMax mats absorb washing solutions?

Yes. GelMax mats absorb any type of biological fluid.

Q: GelMax - What types of fluids GelMax Water Soluble Pouch can absorb ?


Q: I wish to be part of the Cleanis team. To which address should I send my CV?

If you are interested in hygiene and the Cleanis Universe, you can contact us through the form. If your profile meets the expectations of Cleanis, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Q: Is Cleanis a French company?

Yes. CLEANIS is 100% owned by the INNOTHERA Group, a French family companay, founded in 1913 by the great-grandfather of the current president, Mr. Arnaud Gobet. The production plant and storage facility are also located in France, more precisely in the Vosges.

Orders & Shipment

Q: I am a healthcare professional. How do I place an order for a Cleanis product?

You can contact us, according to your country of origin Outside USA and Japan: - Telephone: +33 01 46 15 17 37 - Email: USA: - Telephone: +1-646-278-5627 - Email: Japan: -

Q: How long does it take to process my order?

Outside USA: When the order is received, the Cleanis team will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate an availability date with you. USA: Orders received before 12h are processed the same day.

Q: Where is the shipping point for Cleanis products?

The Cleanis shipping point, such as the manufacturing site, is located in the Vosges (88).

Product issue

Q: The product and/or its packaging was damaged upon reception

Please fill in the contact form and select Claim

Q: The product is the cause of damage for the patient

Please fill in the contact form and select Adverse events - Materiovigilance.

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