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Fall prevention

The risk of falling is underestimated in hospitals

In hospitals, same-level falls constitute a real challenge to public health.

In fact, even though non-slip floors are mandatory in healthcare facilities, accidents frequently occur. Congestion by trolleys in the corridors, freshly cleaned floors, and a wet bathroom surface can all cause falls in the various departments, sometimes very serious ones.

In the operating room, surgeries may produce fluids – arthroscopic lavage, peritoneal lavage, intracavity lavage and wound irrigation, floor made slippery by the draining of hydro-alcoholic solution… – which can wet the floor and make it slippery*.

25%of accidents in the hospital
are due to falls in the US **
Hospital staff is one of the categories
most at risk of falls***
Every year, more than 37millioncases of falls require medical intervention****
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