Cleanis Group Innothera

A daily commitment

A 360° approach in favour of sustainable development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the INNOTHERA Group involves a commitment in line with the culture and values of the Group.

This commitment is reflected by the signing of company agreements and by the implementation of concrete actions, indicative of the CSR vision, a real factor of progress and efficiency for the Group. CLEANIS undertakes to innovate while offering solutions compatible with the respect for the environment

Products in the CareBag range are made in France, at a production site located in the Vosges, where environmental conservation measures have been taken:


A special spill convention was signed to ensure the normality of effluents. In addition, many parameters are controlled to ensure an acceptable pH and a maximum pollutant rate, especially for heavy metals.

Air handling

A technical solution involving variable speed drives for airflow was installed for the purpose of energy efficiency.

Recovery of thermal energy

From compressors to chillers and wastewater. This thermal energy is used to heat water. Exterior lighting on the site is provided by LED bulbs. Valuation of cardboard, wood and metals through resource recovery.

Energy audit

CLEANIS has chosen to focus on responsible manufacturing and is thus committed to minimising the carbon footprint in the transport of goods to customers.