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Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad

Hygienic commode without stains or odours

Ref: 7831738, box of 20

  • Absorbs and gels the excreta
  • Secures the collection, transport and disposal of excreta
  • Prevents resorting to complete changes too early, pushing the boundaries of dependence

Class I medical device intended for the collection of body fluids. Manufacturer: Cleanis SASU. Carefully read the information on the packaging.

The CareBag Commode Liner has been designed to fit any standard commode bucket. In contact with fluids and materials, the pad acts from the first contact with fluids to gel the contents, and thus limit the risk of splashes and spills once it is sealed while trapping odours.

Used in Geriatric units or nursing homes, some hospitals use it as a “potty” for young children.

Warnings / Precautions for use

Any serious incident with the medical device should be notified to Cleanis and the competent authority of the concerned country.

Do not use if package is damaged. Do not re-use product, for single-use only. Keep away from sunlight. Keep dry. Plastic bags cause suffocation,keep away from children. Flush eyes or sensitive areas with water if they come in contact with enclosed powder. Do not use on damaged skin. Dispose of properly, or, in case of infection, in biohazard waste.

Product reference7831738
PackagingDispenser box of 20
Secondary packagingBox of 18 boxes
Bag (dimensions)38 x 52 cm
Pad (dimensions)24 x 13 cm
Pad (absorption of biological fluids (0.9% saline solution))450 mL min.
Absorption tested according to a suitable method based on ISO 11948-1.
Are there instructions for installing the Commode Liner?

Yes. The instructions are printed directly on the upper part of the box.Cleanis also offers a training service: In this last case, contact us.

Is the Commode Liner suitable for any type of bucket?

Yes. The CareBag Commode Liner covers any standard commode bucket.

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